Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer was good.

Summer was so good to us. We made so many wonderful memories. There were lots of firsts for us all. Helen enjoyed her first Independence Day and didn't even cry at the POP BOOMS aka fireworks.
We took a trip to Deep Creek Lake and had our first family vacation as a family of four! How fun!
Weston and Helen had their first boat ride. Helen loved the fresh air blowing in her face and Weston wanted to be captain and drive the boat like Daddy. 
We had our first family movie night the end of August. Weston never watched a movie before. So we went to the library one day and picked out two Disney movies- Toy Story and The Lion King. After dinner and baths, he picked out the movie Toy Story and was SOOOOO excited to start watching it. It was so stinkin adorable.
Helen has been eating solids (baby food and cut up small pieces of food). She also can sit up on her own which makes for more fun restaurant visits. She's got the army crawl down and getting to all of her big brother's toys! The pic below is perfect for her since prunes is pretty much a fruit she eats daily. Oh these tummy issues are no fun!
But mostly this summer was all about playing. I love watching the kiddos play. Zipping around on Gators and tractors, burying their toys in the sand, exploring in the grass, and playing together...
Our summer was so good! 
Cannot wait for our fall adventures and many more firsts to come!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rigdon Family Update!

So again... it has been a while since I posted and who knows it could be a month or two before I post again ;) 
We have been up to so much! We rescued a Great Dane from DogsXL. His name is Fletcher and he is the perfect addition to our family. I'm so glad we decided to rescue a full grown dog. He is pretty much no work at all. He eats two meals a day, sleeps a lot, and stays around our yard when we are outside playing. We take Fletcher for two walks a day and it is probably our favorite time of the day :)
We love family walks with our doggy!
Weston learned how to ride his bike and he is pretty darn good at it! Sometimes he gets a little too sure of himself and ends up crashing. He gets right up and rides again! Love that kid.
He is 100% potty trained!!! Yay yay yay!
We celebrated at Ritas!
We are addicted to Strawberry "slurpees". We add so many other yummies to it too like: blueberries, bananas, spinach leaves, oj... pretty much anything we can find in the fridge. 
Helen was baptized on June 16 (her great-great grandmother Helen's birthday). The day was perfect and she looked like a little angel. So blessed to have her in our family. 
Then we headed to the beach for a few days!
Helen started eating rice and oatmeal cereal...
We went to the Jarrettsville Carnival. Weston had a blast!
The terrible twos are TERRIBLE! I have been working VERY hard to stay positive and keep my cool. Very hard. Keeping a routine is very important. So now every morning once I get Helen down for a nap, Weston chooses an activity card (build with blocks, playdough, play in sink, make a craft, work on letters, etc.) and we play together. Once the activity is over we can go outside and play. It seems to be working. 
Life is busy, but full of fun! I am looking forwald to more adventures this month!! Tomorrow is our four year wedding anniversary! Wow. A lot has happened in four years. Love my life!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our New Home...

It's been a good while since I have posted on here. Life has been crazy busy with the move and getting all settled in. Well I would not say we are all settled in, but we are getting there. Weston is loving it here  at the new house. He is up bright and early asking to go outside to ride his Gator every morning. The yard is amazing. So much room for him to ride, play, and explore. I am astonished at how good he is maneuvering the Gator. He steers all around and even backs up when things are in his way. He'll be driving Daddy's tractor in no time! Right now the pond has hundreds of tadpoles in it and they all have sprouted legs. Before we know it there will be tons of tiny frogs hopping around!
Our driveway is forever and EVER long!
The house is slowly feeling like home. Everywhere we look, we find something else we need to repair, change, buy, ... It's a little mind boggling. So exciting though! Chad will get home from work, help put Weston to bed, and then get to work on a project or two before he heads to bed. The other night we learned that we needed to buy a night light after Chad ran right into the corner of the wall at 3:30am. Weston woke up and was calling for Daddy to cover him back up. Chad took the turn into his room a little too early and bam... 5 stitches on his forhead. What a crazy night.
Some happenings around here:
Helen turned 3 months old!

Celebrated Mother's Day. All I wanted was a picture of me with my babies. Thanks Chad!
Weston is using the potty. He pretty much wore no pants or underwear for 3 full days. It worked so well!
It's funny to see tree sap stuck to his hiney :)

I'm exhausted! Time to get some rest before another busy day!

Monday, April 22, 2013

We are IN!

It's 10:45 at night. I am trying to stay awake a few minutes longer until it's time to take my medicine. Last week I had mastitis. What a pain! Ugh and boy did I feel sick as a dog. Thank goodness my mother in law talked me into calling the doctor. She called in a prescription of penicillin for me and by the next day I was feeling so much better!
Today was our first day in the new house! I set my alarm for 6am and by 7:15 I was out the door and headed to my soon to be HOME. I met the cleaning crew bright and early and they worked their tushes off until 6 tonight. The house looks so nice and clean! While they cleaned, I worked on painting Helen's room. I had to leave every two hours to nurse Helen, but then I got right back to work. I also met with an exterminator too and will be meeting with two more tomorrow for some quotes. Bugs are not cool. :/ 
Chad came home around 7 tonight. We ate dinner, put the kids to bed, and then he headed to the house to see all of the progress we have made so far! On his "To Do List" tonight: spackle walls and fix toilets (one was running the whole day and the other one was leaking). There is a lot of things on his list, but they are the two that need to be accomplished tonight. :)
Tomorrow the painter will be coming. My brother is also helping me paint tomorrow too. So hopefully between the three of us we can get lots done! The painter will be coming back Wednesday- Friday too. There is tons of wallpaper in the hallway and stairway that I hope we can find someone who can take it down. 
Here are some pictures I instagramed today...
 Weston and Helen (and I) will LOOOOOVE the view!
Painting Helen's room
This past weekend we went to C'ville to visit with family and friends. It was so nice to meet so many new itty bitty faces :)
Photo Dumps:

Alrighty. I forgot that I need to get dinner prepared for tomorrow night and finish up laundry. Hopefully I will be in bed by midnight! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New adventure :)

Life has been so busy lately! 
Since Easter, we have been packing our house getting ready for the big move! Chad and I are super excited to be moving into a home that has been in his family for many, many years. It will be great to tell Weston that he is sleeping in his Daddy's old bedroom or swimming in the same pond that Daddy swam in when he was a boy. Pretty neat, huh?! Here's a pic of our soon to be new home...
There is lots to do before the move. Cleaning, painting, and more cleaning and painting!!!! 
Being a mama to a 2 month old and a 2 year old and keeping up with my photography business has kept me on my toes. Well now I am on my tippy tippy toes! It's a little crazy around here, but so exciting too!! Cannot wait to share this new adventure with you!

Phone dump from a few weeks ago. I need to catch up :/

Monday, March 25, 2013

Countdown to Easter!

It's Monday. A new week has begun. We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow covering our backyard! Weston was so excited and wanted to get on his boots right away first thing in the morning! I talked him into waiting until after snack time and for some reason he was OK with that. After breakfast, I showed him our countdown to Easter activity! Thank you Pinterest!
6 more days until Easter! Weston opened the #6 egg and inside was an activity: Paint a Chocolate Bunny
Mmmmmm.... this bunny smells so yummy!
After snack, we played outside in the snow. I worked on building a snowman while Weston searched for eyes (chalk), a nose (pine cone), and arms (sticks) for him. 
Helen was not too happy inside all by herself. She was fighting sleep. The paci kept falling out of her mouth so I would have to run in and out every couple of minutes. 
Mom! Come out!!
Watching him play outside while I nurse Helen back to sleep.
Lunchtime today was so  much fun too! Again- Thank you Pinterest!
I told Weston that lunch was ready. He was a little confused when he saw what was on his plate. "This is not my lunch, Mommy. This is eggs." I had to talk him into opening them up to find a surprise! He loved it! The best part was that he ate most of his lunch too! :)
Looking forward to more fun Easter activities this week with my little man!
Phone Dump: